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About Us           "Information is the currency of Democracy"

                                                           Thomas Jefferson 1823

The Latin American Information Forum (LAIF) is a non-profit (501c3), open source, content media curator and editing company incorporated in Alfred, New York which partners with (1) universities and research centers (2) media outlets (radio/tv) and (3) Hispanic organizations throughout the Americas to gather, archive, edit, produce, and record pertinent digital audio/video information (interviews, lectures, programs) which is subsequently made available freely via its website portal as “content” to students, authors, researchers, radio/tv stations and those interested in the region.

According to the company's founder, Jock Chamberlain, LAIF capitaliszes on the explosive developments in digital media, to etablish symbiotic relationships with its “content” partners such as university Latin American Studies Programs (LASP’s), foreign radio stations, authors, publishers and journalists to gather, transcribe, translate and audio-ize information into digital programs which can be selected, time shifted and location shifted freely by the interested party.

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Now a lecture/paper presented at Cornell University by Julia Sweig of the Council on Foreign Relations on the subject of Cuba After Castro can be audio-ized, translated and edited within minutes and made available freely to 152 LASP centers throughout the US and 23 radio stations in Latin America in minutes (in Spanish or English).

For the past four decades a diplomatic abyss between the United States and Latin America has generated a growing divide of understanding and dialog which threaten to create an irreparable conflict of cultures. As we embark on a new century, vital issues, such as; immigration, climate change, poverty, declining natural resources, and political self-determination beg for multilateral solutions. Only clear and unbiased information can thwart the unfettered growth of misunderstanding, racism, xenophobia and overweening friction between the Hemispheres. It is the challenge of LAIF to use the new technology of digital media and the internet to present these issues clearly to those on both sides of the Rio Grande and by doing so … use digital media to connect the Americas!